3D Printing. Arghhh!!

Let us catch up on latest achievements and share my current woes.  Some time last week (commencing 9/11) I completed my black robot.  Pleased I am to say. Today I waited 4.5 hours to find out I forgot to set the expansion factor and two sides of a card didn't line up. Not so pleasing.

My black robot was a resounding success.  I applied all the lessons learnt so far with the grand kids robots.  I made non-slip inserts for the shoulders and hips.  I cut off the circulation in my finger tips applying maximum tension to the elastic.  Being black filament it is almost impossible to see the details but believe me it's bloody good.  It has a droopy chin and instep cutouts to allow it to function as a smart phone holder.  I like it.

I will not bore you will the details of the proof of concept fiasco.  Tricky but it finally worked and I was more than pleased.  Whoohoo.

portrait iPhone holder
sitting down on the job

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