60 seconds in the day of the life by a service road

I shit you not!  The images below are all date stamped 25/11/2020 10:54am. Like the hiss of the ocean in a sea shell, the swish and rumble of tyres washes over me 24/7.  With the door closed I can distinguish TV dialogue at volume 13-15.  After midnight I can put it at 10.  With the door open, day or night, it needs at least 20.  When Youtubes ads blast out the 'compressed sound' it is deafening.  Working at the keyboard the TV is off but I do have iTunes music playing quietly in the background.  The traffic noise becomes 'white noise', just as loud, but my brain turns it's attention the tasks at hand and the noise is ignored.  It is difficult to describe the intensity of the crash of container truck fittings as they bounce along my street.

These images are taken just in front of my unit.  My intent was to photo the 'dead bank' and I waited for a truck to pass for a clear shot.  Two passed and I heard another enter the road.  "I'll take the truck shot".  OMG, another and another and another.  The last one was pulling three 'two up container' trolleys.

(A great article about 'Mount Mistake', the rail bridge outside my window.)

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