A shift?

I don’t know what it is but I feel like I woke up this morning.  For the first time in over 18 months.  I showered and shaved and it’s not even two weeks since my last shower.  Something has shifted.  I’m looking at what has happened and what may have changed in the last 24 hours.

Biggie #1.  I’m broke and have been forced to face it.  I hate it.  For the first time ever I am concerned about money.  I have always been able to provide for everyone I care about but now I am not sure I can even care for myself.

Biggie #2.  I love where I live. I hate my flat.  Biggie#1 means I have very little choice in the matter.

Biggie #3.  I have no accommodation security.

Biggie #4.  All the above combined gives me no reason to think life as I know it will ever get better and I cannot see any point in trying.  As I have said several times already, I am not suicidal but at no time does waking up bring me any joy.

So what has changed?

Yesterday I spent some time looking at country rentals.  I pay $1000/month rent and $220/month for storage.  That is unavoidable, not negotiable and can only get more expensive.  That leaves $800 for everything else, including credit card repayments.  So, in the first instance, I could have $1200 to rent a larger property with provision for storage and under cover parking.  As long as it has NBN (internet) available, I don’t care where it is. Looking for a property with at least 2 beds (1 for storage), garden/courtyard, off street/garage parking for the motorcycle.  Can you imagine my relief when I found several properties that fit my needs AND for the same (or less) than I am paying for my current shoe box!!  Suddenly, I would be more comfortable, with an additional $200 for expenses.  There is hope for next year.  Ideally with long term owners who don’t want to clear the block to build student accommodation in a year’s time.

I will be sad to lose the cafes and the option of tango, my only social pleasure, but there is nothing else that needs me in Melbourne.  If I can sit outside, on porch or garden, drinking coffee and work on my bike under cover, I am prepared to pay that price.  Uhmmm, possible excitement I’m thinking.

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  1. Kerry08/11/2020

    Excellent box breaking ideas.


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