A Garden of Eden

I look out of my window and I realise that my hovel is one of the best positioned units in the complex. 30 units, 8 facing the street.  22 units with splendid views of the central carpark area, populated by 3 rows of galvanised roof carports.  Stimulating.  My front block has 2 floors of 4 units.  The top floor looks down on the Geelong Road railway bridge.  Full frontal assault of the continuous roar of the traffic.  The ground floor looks out on a 'garden' of sorts.  My neighbour is an owner and he is doing his best to create a floral retreat in front of his unit.  He is one of only two owners who take any pride in their surroundings.  He and one other are actually planting in the 'dead grass' bank that towers above us on the opposite side of the road.  Attempting to create some life and colour.

Directly outside my door - lucky me - the most colourful outlook in the front row.

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