A good week

I am the IT guy for several people.  For convenience sake, let us call them clients.  Looking after their web sites takes up a significant part of my time.  THANK GOODNESS!  I am so grateful that I can still do something that brings me joy and is helpful for others.  This week I started using a tool that will take a lot of pressure off me.  What a joy.

Two clients loomed large this week and kept me amused and off the streets.

One had a humungous email problem that had attracted the attention of the hosting company.  Being tech support I get the tech support emails.  The host company went to great pains to let the client know they were very naughty and drastic action would be taken “if the situation is not immediately rectified”.  It took me over 8 hours but I was able to “rectify” the problem.  I enjoy flexing my brain muscle.  The endorphins were running wild that day.  As clever as it is, it is only a temporary solution and I have been researching other long term alternatives.  The internet is a wondrous place of mystery and discovery and outright bunkum.  It distracts me for hours at a time.  When the client gets time to discuss the email situation I have several options to propose.  All exciting stuff.

Client two is a personal favourite.  This young lady has a growing business and I help build her web sites.  This week was the culmination of several weeks work on a new venture.  The new site was the impetus for some cosmetic changes to the three existing sites.  That kept me busy.

I love being busy.

This week I finally laid the last roofing tiles on Carver Lane.  What a relief!  Painting next but I intend to take a break from the house renovation for a while.  Frankly, I am scared of the painting.

Last but most significant.  This morning I had coffee and a walk with a friend, in the park, in the sunshine.  It has been wet, cold and depressing all week and I didn’t want to go out.  But, sunshine through a crack in the blinds and a text got me off the couch, into the shower and on the road.  Bit inconvenient loosing my cash card at the 7/11 store but it has been cancelled and a new one is on the way.  A small price to pay for an uplifting morning.

I am clean shaven, freshly showered and shining from inside.  Maybe time to do the washing up and make the bed.  It has been MONTHS since I slept in bed.  Maybe today.

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