A Hard Days Night

Apologies to the Beatles, for they are Gods.  Regained full consciousness at 4:30 pm on Saturday (28/11/20 - yesterday).  And I have been awake ever since.  Right now it is 8:30 pm Sunday 29/11/20.

It has been a good night's day.

The Tardis finished printing at 9:10 am Friday and I spent ALL DAY 'lighting it up'.  Seriously all day.  Will the led string fit?  Will the battery box fit?  How will I stop it falling out?  How do I design a locking wheel in Tinkercad?  The locking wheel went through 6 iterations before I got one to stay fitted.  Then I had to make the clamp and join it to the locking wheel and leave access to the poor switch.  I believe I had it all working and clamped by around 11:30 pm.  I had been up ALL NIGHT Thursday so when my head went down about midnightish I fell asleep.  As is my want, I drifted in and out of sleep, waking for my drugs and wee wees.

At 4:30 pm I started looking for then next thing.  Several deliveries had arrived that week and I now had a full complement of bolts and screws.  Time to return to my boys toys.  I am well aware of how silly it seems but I cannot describe these projects.  For my own protection I cannot commit anything to the internet.  It just isn't safe.  Any brave enough to visit me will have to sign an affidavit and convince me they can be trusted to keep a secret. Believe me I am so very proud of what I have accomplished and I am dying to show it off.  One day.

These two projects kept me distracted until around 11:00 am.  In the mean time I had been demolishing one of my little LED torches.  It didn't work and the batteries had gone 'crustayy'.  I extracted the little push button switch from the base and immediately saw it's potential for a power switch on one om my 3D prints.  Naturally I needed a switch block to house the switch and the button battery.  All this while creating and printing new parts for my boys toys.  Busy day.

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  1. Kerry30/11/2020

    Good thing I read on to find out about the lights for that was my first question.


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