And the night seemed to last forever

I have no day.  I have no night.  I sleep when I put my head down.  I eat when I put my head up.  I don't have tinnitus. I have fan motor roar.

I cannot describe the noise.  It is a background hiss.  A roar.  A drone.  It rises and falls with the density of the print infills.  It screams when many lines are printed close together and return to a roar when the density normalises.  I knows it is there but it disappears.  I am focused on the screen, PC or TV.  Totally absorbed.  Only when I notice how loud the TV volume is, do I realise how pervasive the printer noise is.  Like the earthquake rumble of the country train racing through the Seddon yards.  Like the rising roar of the engine and the clang of the bouncing container on the passing trucks as they accelerate away from the corner.  All these sounds are the white noise of my life.  The only time the outside noise is a problem is when I leave the front door open and crucial line of dialogue is drowned by the passing vehicle.

Thursday night was the over test printing saga.  I was soooo lucky.  Netflix introduced three new movies.  'New' as in new to Netflix.  And they were all westerns. My favourite genre.

We started with 'The Quick and the Dead'.  Nonsensical rubbish about a gunfight contest.  Several big names who required no effort (or talent) to pass the time before the camera.  Lots of shoot'em up

Followed by 'Wyatt Earp'.  One of the worst interpretations of the Earp legend.  A Kevin Costner vehicle, 3h 32m.  Up there with 'Waterworld'(2h 56m) and 'Dancing with Wolves'(3h 56m).  Never mind the quality, see the length.  Kevin really ought to watch 'Unforgiven' to see how a real western movie is made.  But I wasn't there for intellectual fulfillment.  The only thing I wanted to fill were the hours until dawn.

Last and best was 'Silverado'.  'un absewloot classic'.  Unfortunately a young Kevin Costner  is one of the heroes but he is cast correctly as a foolish, head strong, young twit.  But how can you fault a movie with John Cleese as the town sheriff.   The diminutive Linda Hunt is the saloon manager and she plays wonderfully alongside Kevin Kline, the ex badman who can  see evil and needs to stop it.

Just to be clear, I don't have a total downer on Costner.  He played alongside Robert Duvall in 'Open Range'.  Bloody marvellous movie.  I must get the DVD for my collection.  I must check I haven't already got it.

Anyway,  a brilliant night of entertainment to keep me going.  Overnight I printed four exhausting test pieces.  The 'huge' tower test took 5 hours to print a 250 mm tower in 50 mm steps.  This finished at 5:30 am and I let it sit there while I watched my westerns.  At 9:30 am I started two more tower tests that finished about noon.  I put my head down and had two hours sleep.  After a shower I started the robot limbs again and settled in for another 'all nighter'.  The boots and forearms finished around 4:00 am.  I killed the printer and I allowed myself to sleep on and off until 4:00 pm Saturday.

and now you are up to date, back at 'Tired and happy'.

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  1. Kerry07/10/2020

    Wow Tones…..I did not know Westerns were your favourite genre of film! Learning so much from these “blogs”…..seriously you should consider writing a book though……xx


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