Another long night (and day)

The filaments have landed”  Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow and White.  I feel a couple of robots coming on.

I already have Silver and Grey.  Tonight I will start printing the femurs and ‘shoulders’, two sets of each.  They will take approx 10hrs.  Then I need two torsos, another 5 hrs.  I think I will do them, all in Silver, which is actually a shiney grey.

So 15 hours later I will start on the Orange bit (Amelia) and then the Purple bits (Hazel).  That’s a head and chest, 5+ hours.  Followed by right and left, elbow to fingers, 6 hours.  Then legs, knee to toe, 8 hours.  Are you keeping count?  27 hours per robot, if they all complete successfully.

Feature image:  Workshop, kitchen, lounge, bedroom, print shop, coffee table, dinner table, work bench, couch, bed.  Oh yeah, forgot, store room.

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  1. Kerry10/10/2020

    You forgot, meditation space. Or perhaps that’s in the next room which is free of electronic interference. Great work ! !


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