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An odd day of highs and lows.  1 Parcel received,  1 parcel posted,  1 parcel lost. The orange robot is finished (see post).  It has to be sent to Amelia in NSW.  Last night I finally worked out how to send it.  A whisky bottle tube.  How ironic.  My daughter was throwing it out before they left for Sydney.  I saw it and couldn't stand to see such a neat, tidy tube just tossed out.  My inner hoarder screamed "What a waste!".  Much to my daughters disgust I took it back to my place. So it has been sitting on a top shelf for over twelve months, the lid collecting floating dust and fat droplets.  Stood the robot on two feet, clad him in bubble wrap, slip him in the tube and add just a little packing to stop it moving.  I printed large address labels with MS Word.  Wrapped the tube in decorative shelving contact and glued on the address label.  Just after lunch I went to the Seddon PO and sent it on it's way.  It has four business days to beat her birthday but I will settle for it being there some time in the birthday week.

Just to make a point, I am happy to make the robot gender female.  It's just my inner chauvinist coming through.  For my predominantly female mailing list, I have several, definitely female figures in the print queue.  Most likely Xmas pressies if I can make the printer produce the very fine and delicate parts.  It will be a challenge.  One parcel down.

Now the delivery.  My pale blue 'thinner' elastic cord arrived in a small envelope.  The pink cord is 3mm thick.  Given I was having the threading problem, my first sleep deprived  reaction was to source some thinner cord,  2.5mm, from eBay.  That was before I gave up looking for my bundle of wire and bought the reel from Bunnings.  I know I have a reel of thin fencing wire somewhere.  It will probably turn up next week.

Finally the lost parcel.  Early in the morning I received notification that a delivery was imminent.  Just after 12:00 noon I received the notice of delivery, "left in a secure location".  I decided to check the mail on my way to the PO.  Found the elastic but no Amazon delivery.  "I'll come back".  I thought "Okay, the notice was premature, it's coming soon".  To pass time I searched every inch of the front porch and garden, several times.  Then I took the secateurs to the bush which had grown to completely block the front path.   By 2:00 pm I gave up and returned to the flat.  At 5:30 I popped in the car and drove over once more, no luck.  Buggar.

Back at the flat I chased up the Fast Away Courier web site, found the Footscray courier's contact details and sent him a detailed inquiry text.  No reply.  Never mind it was only another $30 wasted.

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  1. Kerry31/10/2020

    Relieved to read the sequel. Having been to the hairdresser two days ago I am interested in the bush whacking result.


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