At last. The beast awakens.

The two hour 'unbox and assemble' is finished.  It only took 2 weeks.  I will not bore you with the 'state of mind' that enabled that protracted timeline.  Anyway, it's done.

And it was not uneventful.  Step one is to ensure the printer program (firmware) is up to date.  This is critical, especially when you live on the 'bleeding edge'.  My printer is a brand new model, only released in the last few months.  The manufacturer and the community are still in the discovery phase.  The manufacturers use the first few releases as the final test phase.  They wait for user feedback (complaints) to highlight what they didn't finish properly and release 'fix it' programs.

The trouble was  my update not only didn't complete, it "broke" the machine.  My display didn't display.  "Google it!".  I found several possible causes and I had to 'logic the shit out of them' to find a fix.  Of course I did and it only took an hour of patience, cursing, tears of frustration.  Where once I thrived on challenges and problems, I am now tired, mentally and physically, and the mere thought of 'what could go wrong' stops me even starting.

The "Feature Image' above shows what happens when your object detaches from the print bed.  One hour in, with 30 minutes to go.  Lesson learned.  More on the Calibration and Testing later.

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