Bird of Paradise (lost)

The weather is (still bloody cold) getting much better.  The wind is still gusting, violently and without warning, and threatening to destroy my Strelitzia plant  ( bird of paradise ).

A few weeks ago I found it in the dump pile by the bins.  I ignored it for a few days but succumbed to tearful cries for help.  I repotted in a BIG planter pot.  Filled it full of life giving grow food, then snuck up on it and slashed off all the broken arms.  But it did look healthier.  Then the big winds started.  The two remaining arms did have big healthy leaves.  After the first night of wind the leaves were shredded.  Sad face.  Secured the arms with an old (old) pair of socks and a stake.  Sorted!  NAH!  The night big wind continued to rip at the leaves and blew my meagre gardening stuff to the back of the complex.  How embarrassment.  I collected it together and placed it all under a very large bush that grows adjacent my front door.  The bush arms cuddled my little bird and stopped the thrashing.  The bird loves strong sun so I gingerly bring it out of the shade for a feed.

bird of paradise in small pot
It may have been like this
bird of paradise in large pot
in the trauma ward
bird of paradise growing in large pot
when it gets better

One day, if I live long enough, if I don't have to move to a new flat and kill it in the move, if I feed it correctly, if I sing to it softly in the moonlight.

One day, many moons from now, one day it may blossom and flower like the real bird.

simply splendid
one day. one day.

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  1. Kerry14/10/2021

    It will recover better if you cut off any flower spikes and let the leaves regenerate. You could cut one from another house ‘nearby’ if still flowering and have that in a vase!


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