Bloody Covid. — news

My Sydney travel plans are back on.

To be grown up and independent.  Bullshit!!!  Stress levels rising, indecision running rampant, my child wanted nothing more than to curl up under the doona and sleep Xmas away.   I was one click away from cancelling.  I rang my daughter to discuss options.  She enabled me to see the North Shore outbreak made no difference.  The risk of getting trapped in NSW was always there.  If needs be, there was space for both myself and her mum to stay as long as needed.

Honestly, I still feel uncertain and want to hide under the doona.  I will retrieve all my scripts from the chemist and take them with me, just in case.  Hey!  Maybe it will be good for me.  In the controlled environment of someone else’s home I might stop eating all the time and drop some fat.

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