Brave New World #2

It is said that a change is as good as a holiday.  CRAP!!  Well maybe if ya bin down mine all month, a clean hand towel would be damned exciting.

But I have had a change and it does feel refreshing.  My enthusiasm for making unsolicited changes to other peoples web sites has abated.  I want now to get back to model making.  My Immediate Goal: complete 42 Carver Lane and get it to it's rightful owner.

Problem:  The PC melt down of several months ago had created a Great Wall of Monitors, that now surrounded my diminutive work space.  Not only would I not be able to see my paint pots, I would run a real risk of spray painting the monitors.  Can you remember what the space used to be like?

The way it was

model bits and coffee
model house bits

Apres meltdown recovery

I have created a dependency on the two PC systems.  Not 100% but certainly near 80%.  The small (used), single monitor PC I bought, is now my Windows environment.  I DONT WANT WINDOWS but it is unavoidable if I want to keep helping my "clients".  The 2 screen system, that I built from the original pc that died, was Windows 10 but is now a Linux system.  It is infinitely more reliable than the Windows PC.  I can do almost everything I need to do, BUT!  All my clients use the Microsoft tools, MS Word, Outlook etc.  Hence my need for a Windows/Microsoft system.  The client failures are always catastrophic and I am forced to use the MS tools to fix anything.

So.... Wadooeyedo?

Fortunately, someone dumped two sets of 'lean to' shelfing units, in front of the flats.  Initially I was going to ignore them.  Where would I put them?  But, after a couple of my usual, sleepless nights, I had an idea.  I collected the accumulated detritus and dumped it all on the unused double bed.  Having measured twice and scrubbed down once, I brought the two shelf sets inside, after draining the rusty water from the legs.  Every shelf was filthy with ingrained dirt and baked on brake dust.  I altered the top shelf configuration and had enough room to stand the 'landscape' All-in-One pc and the 'portrait' 27inch monitor.

The workspace is clear(ish).  The two pcs are functioning as required.  I see a new stream of articles for Carver Lane in my near future.

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