Brave New World

I am vehemently opposed to technology for technology sake.  Equally disparaging of constant upgrades even those forced on us for supposedly “security features”.

Regardless, I must kowtow to the software and technology gods eventually.  If not for myself then for the sake of those I serve.  The latest challenge has been my web site tool.  I use zummit called WordPress.  A beautifully simple web site manager that is used by over 35% of the world’s web sites.  In the last few years they have introduced a different approach to editing.  The old way can still be used but they are pushing the new way in order to compete with new generation ‘editors’.  I have studiously ignored it as my existing tool set works brilliantly.  But lately I have started doubting my obstinacy.  So I have taken the web site content of my largest ‘client’ and have been quietly building a new site using the new technology.  It is bloody exhausting.  AND bloody slow.

One of  my biggest challenges is finding a method to easily create and update page content in a way that is easy for the client to do.  They must regularly add new articles and frankly the new tool is shit for that.  I have had numerous 24 hour sessions building, destroying and rebuilding pages while learning the intricacies of the new tools.  It is gratifying to explore and master the complexity of a new feature but equally frustrating and annoying having to spend 12 hours (straight) to work out why a paragraph keeps moving unexpectedly.

Oh my.  As ‘they’ say, “Life can be so difficult“.

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