Closing down

I can’t be bothered anymore.  This site serves no purpose.  As far as I can tell only two people visit it.  On Sunday a unit in the back caught fire and killed the mad old lady.  I had to look after my two little boys because they live next door and were not allowed back in until fire, police, forensics, coroner had each, in turn, done their thing.  So I had to keep them entertained all day, literally 9-5.  It was like having the grand daughters back for a day.  Apart from that day I have spent the last week on the couch, sleeping and watching Youtube.  How excitement. I cant be bothered!  Even when (if) I get around to finishing any of the models, who gives a fuck.  If I am in a bad mood or depressed why should I think anybody needs/wants to know.

So on Sunday, if I can be bothered getting up, I will clear the home page.  The pages and posts will still be there but there will be no front door.

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  1. Kerry17/09/2020

    That is terrible about the fire and fatality.
    Maybe you will return to fash book but I doubt it.
    I will miss your updates. Perhaps we could correspond.


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