One of my favourite things.  I like “real” coffee and I like certain instant coffees, much to my daughters disgust, sorry Meaghan. I have a super dooper, ridiculously expensive, coffee machine with all the swish and gurgle and hiss, that makes a great coffee.  I am besotted with Moccona Exotic No 4.  Alas, Exotic No4 has disappeared from the shelves and I can get no information about it.  I am inconsolable.  I tried another Moccona but it is horrible.  But, to add insult to injury I appear to have lost my coffee taste buds.  Of course I blame Covid and self isolation.

I am unaware of ever having a bad coffee reaction.  So many people I know have that “No coffee after 11:00am” complaint.  Me, I drank coffee all day and all night if I was awake.  I could take a coffee to bed and sleep all night.  A coffee at my favourite cafe was THE event of each day.  My only reason for living (seriously).  Covid took that away.  I ran out of Exotic No 4.  I have been coping by alternating instant and brewed.  But in the last few weeks I have had less and less of either.  In the last two days I have found that I do not finish my mug/cup.  Tonight I barely managed to take a single sip of a brewed.  It tasted terrible.

I wish I was an alcoholic.

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