Covid and diabetes

Covid continues to wreak havoc down under.  Don’t know what it’s doing in the UK.  I’ve stopped trying to keep up with chaos.  Fortunately I have irregular phone calls with someone who lets me know when I am supposed to be in a lockdown or wearing masks.  It has little affect on me these days.  I rarely leave the flat, I always wear a mask regardless of “legal requirement”, and I am spending more and more on delivery fees to Uber and Menulog for my food.

Unfortunately my doctor has blackmailed me into visiting him.  No visit, no prescriptions.  Talk about yer ‘misuse of power’.  So I am gonna have the Covid jab at the same time.  I have no idea whether I am getting the ‘heart attack’ one or the ‘blood clot’ one.  And honestly I don’t care.  Like my Australian citizenship,  I am only getting one because of the future political ramifications.  When the politicians finally work up the courage to do it, they will make it either illegal not to be vaccinated, or they will introduce retaliatory conditions like “no jab, no travel” or “no jab, no welfare payment”.

So I have a 9:30am appointment.  Tricky!  Some days I don’t wake until then.  Alarms don’t wake me.  I feel an all night internet session or all night Youtube.  Oh my.  Life can be so difficult.

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  1. Foxy Kerry19/07/2021

    In the UK, COVID is spiking and MORE people have it than ever before, but from tomorrow ALL restrictions are lifted! Crazy!

    The sensible ones amongst us are getting the vaccine, continuing to wear face masks and only go out to places where we can avoid others safely or keep our distance at least! It is madness!


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