Curse you Facebook

I will not weaken.  I know leaving Facebook was the right action.  BUT!!!   

It is affecting me in a number of unforeseen ways.  Do you remember my remark about Facebook users being lazy communicators?  It is also becoming apparent that an increasing number of businesses use Facebook as a free web site host.  Way to go.  If you are happy with Zuckerberg controlling your business as well as your personal data then cheap and nasty is the way to go.  I have been stopped numerous times this weekend in my attempts to research suppliers and their products.

The first gatekeepers are usually Pinterest or Instagram.  Google returns numerous entries for my search  and I happily click into the links to see the product etc.  Up pops a Pinterest page, oh goodie.  Start scrolling down to find the photo of the product and up pops the “Join Pinterest” if you want to see any more photos. NO!  Maybe I am lucky and I find the photo quickly, click on it and get a second Pinterest page, but hopefully it lists the artist or suppliers web site.  You cant click on it but I can now type in the url in another window.  Oh joy, it redirects to a Facebook page.  I suppose I am meant to scroll down their ‘wall’ to find where they posted the details of their product, 2 months ago.  Sorry, no can do!  I have to join Facebook to see more.  One more lost sale.


  1. Laurel Freeland20/07/2020

    Yep the gotcha at every turn!

  2. Laurel Freeland20/07/2020

    Oh and good on you!


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