Definitely insane.

When I want it I want it now.  I really have been a very good boy.  I have researched and studied for months.  I decided not to when I found someone to do it for me.  Then they couldn't do it for me?!?!?!  I went back to study and research and deep thought.  Should I?  Shouldn't I?  Can I afford it? Definitely not!! Do I need it?  Definitely not!! Do I want it?  Definitely do!!   So many things I want to do with it?  Oh my goodness look at that price.  I'd be foolish not to buy it at that price!  Surely?!?  Don't care how, I want it now.

So this morning I sold my soul to the devil.  Didn't get any money for it but I don't care.  The order is in and paid for.  Delivery next week (probably).

WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?  I hear you ask.  My 3D Printer.  Oh the toys I'm gonna make.

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