Did the ground move just for me?

The kitchen chimes chimed.  The room swayed. Another heart attack?  No!  The ground and the building are really moving.  Uhm Uhm Uhm!  Stay in?  Go out?  Grab the car keys?  Grab the phone?  It's on the charger!! Grab it anyway.   Go out and stand in the middle of the driveway.

What a carry on!  Yes it really happened.  Am I excited, scared, puzzled?  Obviously over stimulated.  Best sit me down before I risk falling down.  Get the telly on.  Tune into ABC live stream News.

Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting.  There is it!!!!!  Quakes reported in Melbourne and across the state.  Reports from as far away as Tasmania and Sydney, NSW border areas.  What a lark!

A little damage in Melbourne.  Only one spot so far, a small section from the top of the wall of a building in Chapel Street.

6 hours later the various news programs are struggling to maintain the buzz, the prospect of catastrophic outcomes.  Thank goodness for the full on brawl between the police and vaccine protestors on StKilda Road.

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  1. Kerry14/10/2021

    Hurray, you’re back on the page.


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