I cancelled my subscription today.  It isn't working for me. My fault not their's. I receive three 'meals' (6 serves) in the delivery.  I have had two deliveries, 6 meals and 5 are still in the fridge.  At worst there should only be two.  My head just isn't in 'the right place'.  I have to 'prepare' the meal.  I have to clean up after.  When you live on porridge, yoghurt and muesli all you have to clean is a  pot and a bowl.  And they don't have to be done until the next meal.  I can leave them sitting in the sink as long as I like.

If I 'cook' a meal I will have dirty saucepans, fry pans, greasy stove top and I will have dirty plates.  I made the pork stir fry meal last week.  I had to wash up to have room to put the ingredients down.  The stack of plates and bowls on the sink had mould between them.  I am not proud, not bragging, just stating facts.  I don't care.  But right now I have beef mince and chicken breasts in the fridge, already eight days old.  At midnight Sunday I added more beef mince and  chicken breasts.  2 am last night I cleaned last weeks pots and pans.  Today my intent is to cook last week's mince meal, that's two serves per meal.  I will have to save half the meal, another dirty container to wash.

This is why I cancelled the service.  $50 a week for six 'fresh' meals is good but I can buy 10 microwave Sausage, Mash and peas for that $50.  A no brainer.

Sample meals

Chicken_Schnitzel_and_Smashed_Peas    Hoisin_Chicken_Stir-Fry    Low-Cal_Lamb_Chilli_Con_Carne

Remember these are only good for the Australian club.

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