End of the month February

Birthday.  Sydney.  Sleeping 24/7.  Depression?  Bike battery dead.  Bicycles wheel stolen.  Tomato plant growing. 

Birthday.  69.  Celebrated by me by driving to Sydney overnight.

Sydney.  Just over 12 months to the day.  7 wonderful days with lovely people.

Sleeping 24/7.  I feel like I am shutting down.  Closing up shop.  Depression?  I seem to have lost my reason for going outside.  My flat is such a hoarders mess I don't think I will ever be able to find it.  My body clock has stopped functioning.  My body no longer distinguishes day from night.   I am constantly tired and I sleep at the drop of a hat.  So sick of having to pick my way over a chapeau cluttered floor to go to the toilet.  I think my mental state can be attributed to depression, loneliness and despair.  My laziness is easily attributed to my mental state.  My sleepiness has got to be a result of my physical condition and my physical condition is attributable to my laziness, diabetes and careless disregard thereof .

Bicycles wheels stolen.  There was an open day for one of the flats out back.  There were many visitors.  There was an end of day and it was accompanied by two spaces once occupied by my bicycle wheels.  FUCK!!!  I approached my local bicycle shop.  $500 estimate!  Estimate!?!?!?!  Researched eBay.  Similar prices.  Swallowed my pride and discarded my standards.  Rejoined Facebook under a false name to access the Marketplace.  Several possibles.  Wait until next pension payment and see what I can afford.

Bike battery dead.  Lying on the couch under the doona thinking about moving.  "Get the fuck over it dickhead" I told myself.  "You have spent close to $30,000 getting it running so use it".  First step, go outside and start it.

There's no charge in the battery, Dear Martha Dear Martha.
No charge in the battery, Dear Martha, no charge.

Well charge it , Dear Tony, Dear Tony, Dear Tony.
Well charge it , Dear Tony.  Dear Tony, charge it.

So I strung a power cord through the bathroom window and charged it over night and day.  The key was turned, bike switched on, the lights lit and the starter went 'click click click'.  I charged it again over night and day.  The key was turned and the bike switched on.  The little lamps they were lit.  AND the starter went 'click click click'.   Why can't someone steal it and take the decision out of my hands.  Tested it with my trusty electrics tester.  Battery full charge.  Hit the starter, battery no charge.  Conclusion - FUCK!!!  again.  I don't remember when this battery was fitted but I do remember paying the mechanic $220 for it.  This fat old pensioner, who will rarely ride his bike, can't be handing out that sort of money, AND buy bicycle wheels.  Guess who hit the internet AGAIN!  1. To learn about bike batteries.  2. To find less expensive batteries.

Tomato plant growing.   It is exceeding all expectations.  I can report that it has a single ruddy toned ball.  Officially that should be a March notice but it was nice to finish this post on a high note.

Back to sleep now.


    1. The Man15/03/2021

      Buggar. IP protection. Cannot view show outside NZ. Definitely looks like the sort of show I need to watch. I will look elsewhere. Youtube???

  1. Laurel Freeland19/07/2021

    Glad your tomatoes grew! Forget the rest, shit happens.


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