Feeling good

Doing for others.  Works for me every time.  Yes it is selfish.  It makes me feel good.  Come on now.  I ‘m not a bleeding monk.  Why bother if it doesn’t make you feel good?

You remember my ‘boys’.  The two men who live in the back apartment block.  Andrew,  the ‘adult, carer, husband’.  Jeremy the delightful ‘wife child’.  On Monday, Andrew made a point of telling me it was his birthday this week so I looked for something I could make for him.  He had his birthday yesterday.  He is a Western Bulldogs fanatic. On a footy night I can hear him screaming from the inside their flat.  I made this for him over night.  9:45 pm to 3:45 am.  7 print processes to make all the coloured sections.  I’m right pleased with meself.  I think it will do. I will give it to him the next time he knocks on the door.


  1. Foxy Kerry11/12/2020

    That is so thoughtful………lucky Andrew! Bet he loved it…..🎁

    1. Tony11/12/2020

      I got a very non-Covid safe hug.


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