Happy Birthday Bed!

Well sorta, nearly, Happy Birthday!!  Start of August 2021 marked 16 months of couch sleeping.  What a milestone!

Four nights ago I couldn’t sleep.  For me to say “I couldn’t sleep” is no small thing.  When the touch of another human being is an almost homicidal craving, the rejection of the embrace of Morpheus is not to be ignored.  My body is manifesting many changes and I will discuss them in another article but the most obvious physical change is the need to urinate.

Not yet ‘Incontinence’ but certainly something that will not let itself be ignored.  It is emphatic that it is not to be ignored.  It fits into my big picture quite well, giving rhyme, reason and justification to my desire to stay ‘indoors’.   This new condition I have come to accept and expect.  Sometime 30 mins, sometimes 45 mins, sometimes it drops the ball and I get a 90 min rest period.  But this is all okay.  When I say I couldn’t sleep I mean the closed eye event was something not experienced before.  In the instance of waking I was disoriented, joint stiff, wobbly and  deeply dissatisfied with whatever I had just participated in, because it wasn’t anything near sleep.  These were repeated experiences over two nights.  Returning to the sofa was not pleasant.

On the evening of the third night I decided to return to “THE BED”.  I threw the huge wearables pile on the floor.  I leaned the full sized piano keyboard against the far side of the bed.  I took the doona quilt from sofa and threw it over the bed.  I stripped and climbed naked into the bed.  AND I SLEPT!!


  1. Kerry08/08/2021

    And no YouTube?

    1. The Man08/08/2021

      sans tubes of any kind. Seriously it was wonderful to resume the naked repose. For the time being, I am asleep before the lack of technology is noticed. I make no promises re the future.


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