Here’s hoping

This is grande test. A complex situation maybe. A report from the road.

1. I am not “home”, in the flat at Seddon.

2. I am not in front of my magnificent technical station.

3. I am at the mercy of a wifi installation sitting at the end of a wireless, satellite connection.

4. The Grandest Condition. I am doing this on my iPad on the dining table. Oh My! what an adventure.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia has been set free. Apparently the double vaccination rate hit the magical 79.37592344444 recurring percentage. The magic number at which we apparently are all safe again. what a crock of shit! It is just a number that politicians have decided they can apportion blame to someone else. it’s not their fault now when people get infected.

Excellent news is that interstate politicians have agreed on a number that they are all comfortable with and the public is now allowed to travel interstate. Fanfuckingtastic!!! at last we can travel to Sydney to see the girls and family.

November is the big month. Birthday month for all the Leumeah girls. Hazel first, then mid-to-month-endish mum, followed close by Amelia.

First cab off the rank is grandel. She has just left on the road trip. She will stay with a friend overnight, halfway there. I am staying at her place for the week, babysitting Bonnie the aged dog and doing a lot of brush cutting and weeding at her block. The inner 21yo says bring it on. The 70yo fat fart says what the fuck are you doing? luckily I have 6 days of high temp and rain to get it done. Easy as!! That’s 6 days of do a couple of hours then back to the house and crash on the couch. The block has knee to waist high grass and weeds. Oh joy.

I shall attempt a pictorial journal for your amusement and edification.

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  1. Kerry13/11/2021

    Your audience awaits the pictorial journal.


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