Honestly. I hate being always right

Anyone who has a life sad enough to be reading this diatribe of despair and complaint, may recall the recent diary entry about my ‘passenger’ mirror disappearance.  The replacements have arrived.

In the article I made the point that I obviously just wasted $110 and I would probably find I could 3D print the parts.  Well guess what?  Right again.  Not only could I have 3D printed my own part,  so could the Chinese seller.  In fact they did!!!  And a bloody awful print it is as well.  I have little regard for those who label my comments racist. The fact is no Chinese retailer or manufacturer can be trusted to be honest, nor do they have any regard for the stupid victims, oops, their customers

I repeat, ‘I hate being right all the time’ and not following through…..  Seriously!  I mean it – ‘All the time’.   This time I had already guessed that all I needed to do was print a 2-3mm thick oval plate.  Just large enough to ‘almost’ fill the void in the mirror housing.   I just wasn’t brave enough to try to remove the driver side mirror to see what was needed.

The ‘True Blue, Qld based,  Aussie retailer‘ (who is actually Hong Kong owned),  supplied their kit with the backing plate already fitted with double sided 3m sticky sponge pieces.  It will take me many ‘dry fits’ to make sure I put it in the correct position and to be certain it won’t just fall out at the first speed bump.  The video instructions are useless.  Good point, if I break the backing plate, I will at least have a model from which to design my 3D part.

I’ll post update of fitted mirror, sometime.



  1. Kerry05/08/2021

    Any chance of your making a YouTube video of the process for the benefit of all heated mirror owners of the world?

    1. The Man06/08/2021

      Actually two chances. “Buckley’s and None!”

      ‘Buckley’s chance’ idiom
      The origin of the Australian slang term “Buckley’s chance” (meaning “little or no possibility” or “no chance at all”) has been explained as rhyming slang, viz, “Buckley and Nunn” (meaning “None”); and as a punning reference (“You’ve two chances: Buckley’s and none”). Australians in states other than Victoria generally believe the idiom derives from the adventures of escaped colonial convict William Buckley.

      There already exists numerous ‘tubes re mirror replacement.


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