How are you?

The laziest, most insincere greeting used in English speaking countries is ‘Hi how are you’.  In truth no one really wants to know, let alone be expected to respond appropriately.

And please, oh please, let us ignore every single vapid form of greeting used by American YouTubers.

Recently my patience with this empty greeting expired,  so I told that someone that in the “Day in the life of Tony, I am…”

  • feeling lonely, but only when I am awake.
    (Actually,  I have started dreaming loneliness.  I leave YouTube on 24/7.  It is quiet company.  Recently I woke answering a question being asked.
    Seriously!  I woke up in conversation with Youtube.)
  • wanting ‘a someone’ to share with.  There seems little reason to accomplish anything if it isn’t shared.
  • constantly reviewing/reliving the lie that I thought was a past relationship.
  • imagining the life that is happening now (somewhere else), that I am not part of.
  • fantasising a future I’ll never have and was stupid to dream in the first place.

It doesn’t change.  Aren’t you glad you asked.

Should you have any questions, I will reply.  I have no pride to prevent me.

Only one condition.   Don’t ever ask me    “How are you”.

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