If only I could

SOMETIMES (actually, often, to me) EXISTENCE can feel like being trapped in that dark room with Morpheus, the one where he holds out his hands to Neo and offers up either a pill of knowledge or a pill of blissful ignorance. Red pill or blue pill; live in reality or live in peace.

Two front doors. One red. One blue. Which one will you choose?
Photo by Tim Johnson

Red pill? Blue pill? Blue door? Red door?  The red pill reality was Neo’s choice.  Apparently fighting for truth is supposedly admirable.

BUT!!! As America plunges uncontrollably towards “Idiocracy” and intentionally towards the Republic of Gilead –  “The Handmaid’s Tale“,

AND the rest of the world grows more polarized and more aggressive, that blue pill is obviously the way of the future.

After all, life is hard,  bad news is everywhere,  religious bigots want it that way, telling you it is the way of (their) Lord.   Could it really be true?   Ignorance IS Bliss.  Ever wondered why our devout Christian leader(s) are so bloody slow to enforce a scientifically proven Covid solution.  Just maybe, Covid is (their) God’s will and sinners shouldn’t be so arrogant as to interfere with God’s wonder.  Hey Scomo, where are the resources to increase vaccination rates in NSW?  Obviously his only genuine concern is ‘who will vote for me if I force 100% vaccinations?  Will I still sit on the right hand?’.

Geez!  What rabbit hole is behind my chosen door.  This isn’t the post I came here for.  Think I best stop.

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