It worked. Another day in paradise.

The 7 hour reprint worked.  MyPharmacyLink didn’t.  I slept all day.

I had to restart twice because the glass bed wasn’t flat.  This is a major part and big.  It stretched across the full bed width and as such exposed the discrepancy in the levelling.  It is amazing how much difference a fraction of a millimetre makes.  Printing perfectly on the left of the plate but so close to the right of the plate that the heated filament could not squeeze out of the hot print head.  The gap is measured with a sheet of printer paper.  It must be small enough to catch the paper but big enough to let it still slide through.  I have to check all for corners and then recheck if any of them are adjusted and recheck again and again.  Slow process!!  But it worked.  The “body” of the model is complete.  Now just 10 more hours to print the “innards” and external trim.

Are any of you using MyPharmacyLink on your smart phone?  The government initiative to streamline prescription handling. Obviously it is on my iPhone.  My first two experiences worked okay.  A bit of teething problems at the chemists but overall they were a positive exercise.  Today it didn’t work.  It didn’t accept my password and the recovery process didn’t work.  So I couldn’t check my scripts nor place an order.  ‘Not happy Jan’.  I went to the chemist and crossed my fingers.  They were able to see my details and I got my drugs.

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  1. Kerry04/11/2020

    The on line apps and script requests always mess up in the UK I find. 😞
    We have a new system being implemented by a big chain of Lloyd’s pharmacies called Echo where you on line order and they deliver your drugs…..hmmmm….have been debating trying it but I quite like my monthly trip to the pharmacy next to Asda in Bedminster as all the addicts get their methadone hits whenever I rock up so I can reflect that whatever my life is doing….it ain’t that bad!!
    Foxy Kerry 🦊


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