vaccine bottle

Jab number two.

I am official vaccinated.  This morning I had my second jab of AstraZeneca.  I don't know what that means as far as the actual virus is concerned but politically, I think I can now walk the streets again, in a non prostitute way of course.

Melbourne was deserted.  All the wonderful laneway cafes were closed.  It was sad.  The pain of loss is real.  The held back tears are real.  I walked down dark empty lanes where I would have had a breakfast in better times past.

The emptiness, the self isolation, the loneliness are overwhelming.  The threat of continuing lockdown is very real.  The prize of free movement, so close now, can be stolen away any minute of any day.

Flinder's Street intersection. Always the busiest location in Melbourne.

Flinder Street steps
Flinders Street crossing

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  1. Kerry14/10/2021

    It’s good to be in that group of statistics.


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