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The 'Join me' form is working. If you want to stay updated complete the form below. I hope someone wants to stay in touch but I don't blame you if you don't.

[wpforms id="140"]This isn't the Contact form.  You can't send me a message.  This is just to record your name and email address.  It indicates you want to get notifications from me that I have done something you might find vaguely interesting.

(To send me an email, click here.)

I cannot make any promises other than I promise to strive to endeavour to attempt to only let you know if I have done something, added something, that I am not embarrassed about and that might be interesting/amusing.

In the first instance I am not using Mailchimp.  I do have a Mailchimp account but that's too formal.  I will create a private contact group in my email program and use that to Bcc: any email I send out.  Using Bcc: will ensure the recipients are private.  You wont be embarrassed.  Once I have 100 followers (tee hee) I will switch to Mailchimp because Google doesn't like people using gmail as a mail out service.

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