Just another Wednesday

The sky is powder blue, the sun is bright, the breeze is gentle and the air is full of Cabbage Whites.
I have no idea how long it has been spring but this is my first sighting of these ghostly sprites.  I am aware they are the bane of the vegetable grower but their puppet like ballet is delightful.  That is sounding  scarily like I am joyful.  Be not misled.  I can multi-task.  I am able to be both black hearted and appreciative simultaneously.

My yellow exhaust fan flap is still attached.  It is a good week.  My 3D learning continues at a pace.  Overnight I was learning how to make multi-coloured prints.  I played with 'name-plates', putting down the text in one colour then printing the background in another colour.    It involves printing two models in the same place.  The first model is the primary design.  It has to be printed 'wafer thin', the height measured in fractions of a millimetre.  Let us assume it is text.  It is printed in 'mirror image' face down.  That is left on the plate and then the second model, usually the background, is printed over the top.  It must be designed with the text image 'hollowed out' in it's bottom face.  It starts printing on the glass plate at exactly the same level as the text.  The print head has to be lifted over the text to avoid dragging it off the plate.  Yes I was very pleased with myself.

illustration from the lesson I was following

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  1. Kerry30/11/2020

    Cabbage butterflies: they are territorial!


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