Keilor, Keilor Park, Keilor Downs, Keilor East

Who knew? Keilor’s like Covid, spreading everywhere.  I am searching for affordable, long term, airport parking and discovering so much I didn’t know about Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

After evaluating alternate methods to get to the airport on time, I decided DIY was the method I should use.  I looked at “public” transport but it got too complicated.  Train from my place to the Southern Cross.  Bus from Southern Cross to airport.  Have to be up at 4:00am and too much reliance on transport out of my control.  A lift from my place to airport?  Only one person I could ask and they are inappropriate choice.  Taxi?  Wayyyy tooo expensive.  Uber?  I hate it.

DIY!!  I can arrive when I want. Leave car under cover for 12 days. Just a few minutes from airport.  They provide shuttle to the terminal.  All for under $150!   Sorted.

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