Later that day

5 hours later.  Stiff neck.  Eyes crusted.  4 hours late for drugs.  Who cares?

In another tab, Prince is performing ‘Purple Rain’ live, in a 1985 concert.  35 years later his music is the modern classics.  I feel my ‘oldness’.  If he held a concert in Melbourne now I would max out the credit card to go.  How out of place would I feel in an audience of ‘young’ people?  Probably as out of place as I feel everywhere these days.

Back to reality.  How boring is that?  (And another question made as a statement.  What a funny language we speak.)   On Thursday a friend/client treated me to a ‘coming out of lockdown’ movie and dinner.  ‘Tenet’ and Chicken/mushroom risotto.  Wow, I thought ‘Inception’ was hard work.  It is a literary masterpiece compared to Tenet.  Tenet is a cinemagraphic catastrophe.  An interesting time shifting concept badly acted, badly edited.  We are supposed to believe it is ‘so far out there’ we mere mortals cannot understand it.  An American high school student could probably write a more coherent story and they can barely speak English.  It is a big action movie, ‘made for Imax’ with a sound track so loud your brain will shut down to protect itself.  Don’t take someone you love.  They will think you hate them.  I may try again when it hits the small screen and I can control the volume and have a chance to hear the dialogue.

Thankfully the risotto was amazing, washed down by a thoroughly acceptable Merlot.  My first Red in 6 months.

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