Leaving Facebook

I have deliberated over my decision for months.  I am frightened of being even more isolated but I must make this token stand.  I can only hope some people want to stay in touch.
I was never an enthusiastic social media user.  I created an account when I left for the UK in 2011.  I intended to record my journey and decided FB was the easiest (read lazy) way to disperse my travel info.  It didn't work the way I thought it would and I gave up after 2 weeks.  Jump forward to 2019, my 'Annus horribilis'.  (NOTE: 2020 isn't much better)
I decided to go back to Facebook and journal my experiences/pain.  Somewhat cathartic if not pretentious, and the year passed.
Enter Covid19.  I soon became the poster child for 'couch potatoes'.   I turned to YouTube and became fixated upon the catastrophe of Covid around the world, especially the USA.
I watched a spoiled child, wannabe dictator, attempt to force a country to his will.  I watched an unbelievable dystopian fantasy move towards reality.  I watched the farce that is called American democracy.  I watched a would be dictator manipulate simpletons into a frenzy at rallies with a style that would have made Hitler jealous. I watched white supremacists attacking 'normal', 'rational' and 'caring' people.  I watched Republicans openly supporting them for their own political gains.  I have watched Zuckerberg fawn to the moneyed interest and then plead freedom of expression.
The quote of Edmund Burke was never more applicable - '...good men ..do nothing...triumph of evil...'   There is so little I can do alone,  but part of that little, is to no longer give tacit support to a tool and organisation that happily spreads bile and evil.  I am certain that the majority of the users of Facebook are not evil but they are lazy communicators and their laziness is so easily exploited.  Facebook provides nothing necessary. Want to get/stay in touch? Keep your email contact list up to date. Want to broadsheet your opinion to the public, create a free blog site and invite your REAL friends to join you. There is nothing on Facebook that a bit of discipline and effort cant get you elsewhere on the net.

So I am out.  This web site is me being true to my own beliefs and practicing what I preach.

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