Look Ma! A Facebook post!!

It is 8:00 am, Friday. I am having breakfast at Seddon Deadly Sins. I made a mistake. I intended to visit the hairdresser for my apres lockdown shearing. I thought he opened at 7:30. He does. On Mon, Tues, Wed. 10:00 every other day. Doh!!
I cannot delay the cutting any longer. The flat and my clothes look like I own a long haired dog. An Afghan maybe. Black arctic fleece covered in silver hair. Could I possibly look any more like a decrepit old man. The Shame.

But back to the good bits. The sun is shining down on me and the breeze is keeping the temp at a cozy 16. Love it.   I am eating the first ‘healthy’ breakfast since March. Poached eggs, spinach, tomatoes, sour dough and gluten free vegan crispy bacon. Screw the budget.

The Blue Tardis finished printing over night. I have teeny electronic pieces for a lighting kit on order. The Tardis kit will stay in it’s plastic box until they arrive. Next week I hope.
I forgot to say. I showered this morning. Clean clothes. I feel fresh. Can't go to hairdresser with two week greasy hair. Yuck!!!
Plan for today. Plan? Goal? So not Tony! Gonna wave my magic soldering iron. Not a euphemism! Perform some electronic wizardry to make a touch sensitive switch. I am fucking awesome.

Then clear the desk, move the 3D printer next to me and do some serious experimenting and learning with multicolour layer printing. I have some lovely gift ideas I need to get right.

IMPORTANT NOTE: for the 'glass half full' types among you.

Don't take the above and think "Ah bless him. Little lamb is getting better".  Screw that.  It was accidental, remember?  I went out early for a hair cut and fucked up.  Because I was going to put myself in someone's close proximity and expect their hands on me I had to shower.  I didn't wake up at 5:40 and say "Oh wow! What a great day to be outside enjoying the air and company of infected strangers."  You have your nice day and leave me alone to wallow in self pity and sweaty clothes.

Not a pretty boy at all.

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