Medical Update – 08-08-21

YES! I had my Covid jab.  YES! I had short interview with my sneaky doctor.  YES! I collected a new set of scripts.  NO! I haven’t cashed them in yet.

No I haven’t started taking the meds yet.  Yes I am bad, stupid, selfish and all the other appropriate adjectives.  “But why?” you ask. “Just ‘cos”  I reply.

I take 6 meds and 2 ran out a fortnight before I could get to see the doc.  As you can see,  I had been ‘switched off’ for about 10 days.  I admit to being so mentally fucked prior to stock run out, that I have no idea if ‘my feelings’ are real or not.  Whether they are a result of ‘no meds’ or just lack of sleep and real food.

And now I was also getting well intended advice about the end of civilization that occurs after your Covid jab.  I made a “who gives a fuck” decision.  No matter how much I might wish it was, Diabetes isn’t fatal, just a drawn out nuisance for a very long time.  Long enough to keep the medical profession amused but not annoying enough for them to give a fuck about quality of life.

Stopping my meds will have negligible affect on my life.   One or more of the meds has something to do with blood pressure.  Prescribed by my beautiful Korean blood specialist.  But yet again, the negative effect will have negligible deleterious result.  Another one is supposedly a ‘happy pill’.  Actually I think that is the one I take in a double dose each morning.  Haven’t noticed any happy, happy lately.  Far from it actually.  Obviously dont miss them.

Now, before you drown me with “Selfish Bastard” and “What about the ‘Girls'” emails,  I do intend to recommence the drugs regimen.

After the second Covid jab.

I do not know why I take the drugs.  Obviously I am satisfying the ‘feel good’ need of the medical profession.  “Do no harm” and all the other bullshit.  Fuck the ‘care for patient’ by giving them true quality of life.  I accept that I will get nothing but self centered medical advice.  This ‘no meds’ stage is purely a ‘take control’ ploy.  I want to know what I feel like ‘off meds’ and then know what ‘on meds’ feels like.  I am hoping it will help me recognise when the ‘yacht deck’ is really rolling and when my brain is just adjusting itself.  And I have a plan, sorta.

  • In no specific order:
    A:  I am leaving the new launch point until after the second Covid jab.  I want to know if I am really feeling a jab side affect.
  • B:  I am gonna have a deep and meaningful with ‘the Doc’ about what each med does.
  • C:  Why am I taking them ??   I am in year 3 of the worst experience evaaaahh.  AND it shows no signs of abating.  Which of these little fuckers is meant to make me feel better?  ‘Cos they don’t seem to be making any difference.
  • D:  Identify the SPECIFIC reason for taking each med,  restart each one separately and take no others until the effect is experienced.  All the involved parties acknowledge that none of the meds will “cure me”, so why do I have to take them.  Apart from the aforementioned reason of making the medical profession and suppliers feel good.


Who wants to hear about the Viagra?  Hee Hee.


  1. Kerry09/08/2021

    This sounds experimentally reasonable.
    For some reason one’s own BP has dropped and stabilised alarmingly normal in the last week.

    1. The Man10/08/2021

      Golly gosh! I wonder what might contribute to that. Uhmmmm? Maybe location, location, location. And uhmm maybe companion.
      It’s a mystery lad.


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