Medical Update

I was a good boy I was.  I had my Covid jab AND IT DIDN’T HURT!!!   So relieved.  I hate needles.  Nay, terrified.  Sneaky doctor held my arm, did the 1-2-3 count and jabbed me on 2.  Very clever.

But seriously folks, it is the best jab that I have ever had.  A sewing needle prick is more painful.

And of course everyone was telling me to be prepared for the side effects.   Arm swells up and goes green.  Days in bed.  Light headedness.  Blood clots, chest pains and heart attacks.  Return of small pox.  My milk would dry up.  Return of Thalidomide babies?  Not to mention the collapse of the natural order, dogs sleeping with cats, reversal of planetary rotation and mass extinction of the dolphins.  So much responsibility.   It was such a build up and the reality was such a let down.  Nothing, zip, zilch.  Sorta sums up the whole Covid thing for me.  With all my ‘pre-covid’, self inflicted isolation,  lock-in,  depression and 24 hr ‘poor me’ attacks, it was basically life as usual.  I behaved myself.  I didn’t (want to) go out.  Had three tests at the Hardware store car park,  just over the highway, easy peasy.  If I had absolutely no choice but to leave the flat, I always had my mask on, no matter where I went, day or night.  Even on the phone doing Facetime with the grand kids.

Melbourne is in yet another lockdown.  More arseholes have been caught spreading Covid across state borders and again allowed to walk free without so much as a fine.  These people should be pilloried.  They should be named and shamed, photos spread worldwide on a Covid Criminals Web Site or at least a Facebook page.  Let Facebook do something useful at last.  What a pity the Kennett Liberal Government closed down our disease control and mental institutions.  The Covid spreaders and protestors should be locked up in an institute for the criminally insane.  Ah but no!  We mustn’t punish them for they may not come forward if they thought they would be handled appropriately.  AND they may not vote for the political party that puts in a genuine effort to protect Australia.

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  1. Kerry06/08/2021

    Yes, did anything replace Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital? Oh that’s right partly Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE ,since renamed MIT? ; and partly Thomas Embling prison for the criminally insane. Where an inmate stabbed to death his housemate Ray Splatt of my acquaintance. Poor Ray. I once went on a date with Ray. The inmates called the rest of us ‘normals’.


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