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Mesig in a botal

November is the birthday month for all the girls in my family.  Daughter, grand daughter 1 and grand daughter 2.  A busy month.

Grand daughter 1, let's call her Amelia, has published a birthday registry.  It is delightful.  First it is wonderful that she has the confidence in herself to create the list.  Two, her writing skills and use of language are outstanding for a small person who has spent most of the year at home, not at school.  I hope I am not breaking any rules by publishing it here.  I love it.

Rumour has it that grand daughter 2 (let's call her Hazel) is working on her own publication.  Can't wait.

The daughter's wishes are, as usual, a mystery.


  1. granma14/10/2021

    Do you think that says ‘drone?’

    1. The Man16/10/2021

      Hi Kerry. why did you change your name? I didn’t see your comment ‘cos it wasn’t from an approved author.

  2. Foxy Kerry29/10/2021

    Is that really denim everything? Meels is a jeans Jeanie girl eh? Her writing is super and I love these type of things! What will Grandpa be getting her?


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