Modeling was a big part of my early years.  As a child I had legions of tiny toy soldiers of every warring nation, all hand painted by me. I had numerous fighter planes around my bedroom, all built and painted by me. I populated my train set with plastic signal boxes and quaint English country cottages and yes, all built and painted by me. It has been decades since I last held glue and paint but I am determined to fill my retired hours revisiting the joys of youth.

I have thousands of dollars of model kits in storage and it is time they saw daylight.  I spent the first 3 months of 2020 bingeing on modelling videos on Youtube.  I have acquired the tools described in those videos.  I spent hours mentally rehearsing, assembling and painting the figures and models shown in those videos. You know that thing top athletes do, visualising the track, seeing themselves winning, conditioning their muscles in their minds. I was ready.  I made a great start that lasted six weeks then I died.   Covid hit.  Causing cancellation of all the activities I had learned to enjoy and plan for.  I lost all motivation.  Mentally and physically I was exhausted, depressed, not wanting to bother.  And so it has continued.  Now we are 4 months into self isolation with no end in sight.  Something in me must change.  I have accepted the challenge and  I am using modelling to get back into life, I hope.

22/07/2020 - I have returned to the BIG project, "42 Carver Lane' and associated models.  The House Building shit is here

My stream of Modelling consciousness continues in the links displayed opposite >>>

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