More Roofing

Carver Lane roof tiling drags on.  I have been very lucky to have had PC work this last two weeks.  I made the tasks bigger than they needed to be but it was great to have something to occupy my mind.  In all that time Carver Lane has been watching me from the other desk.  The photo above was taken back pre Covid Stage 4, 26/07/2020.  It sits there whispering quietly "come back".  I have exhausted the pre-cut tile strips.  I have another pack but they are being saved for Carver Lane MkII.  That will be the special build.  God knows how long that one will take and she ain't telling anyone.  So back to Carver Lane MkI, le grande experiment, the one for the grand kids, with purple and pink paint scheme.  The attic room roofs still need tiling.  I have to cut strips from cereal boxes.  Oh my goodness it is tedious and painful.  Gripping the Exacto scalpel and twisting around the curved and notched tile edges.  These tiles are all under 1cm wide.  My right hand is constantly cramping.  I cannot exactly replicate the 'store bought' tiles but I don't think the girls will notice or mind.  Another lesson learnt.

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