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My New Obsession

Not so much obsessed as transfixed.  Like everything I want, I fixate on it until I have it and no longer want it, or I realise how futile my desires are and go back to sleep. I think I have surrendered to the golem who seeks to keep me safe in the flat.   Lets get back on the sofa, pull the blanket up, put YouTube on and close your eyes.

So one day it's 5:00 in the morning and I have finished watching one of the ultra violent movies in 'My List' on Netflix.  Bored!  Get on the PC.  Scroll mindlessly through the click bait trails and I happen upon this incredibly sad and melancholic image of a 'desklamp' in the shape of a figure made of galvanised plumbing pipes.  It strikes a chord, I can identify with it.  There is absolutely no doubt he is in a state of abject despair.  I want it.  I must build one.  It will be fully articulated.  I can feel it in my hands.

(1:45am, 22/01/21.  I'm having a break.  I will be back and continue the story.)

(2:15pm, 25/01.  I'm back.)

Yeah I been asleep for 3 days.  Well most of the time.  Sad Pipe Man.  Where are we?  I started costing the model using galvanised pipe fittings from Bunnings and other plumbing suppliers.  OMG!!!!

The best (guesstimate) was $100+.  I don't think I can afford that.  Then I looked into the possibility of 3D printing the parts.  This would have the advantage of being able to make the parts any size.  I found a library of plumbing fittings for the drawing program I use.  Whoopee!!  They were actually models of PVC piping, smooth tubes with none of the 'collars' found on the end of metal pipes.  No problem.  I spent the day designing the collars and fitting them to the PVC models.  By the end of the day I had created all the pieces I needed for the Sad Pipe Man.  Once more, I was right pleased with myself.  Now to print one.  This was going to be difficult because there was no single flat surface I could start it from and they would require a good deal of 'supports'.  I chose the simplest piece, a 45 degree elbow joint.  After trying several different orientations the best print time I could get was 3 hrs 45 mins.  For one piece!!  I would need 6 of them.  24 HOURS!!!  Plus 28 hours for seven 90 degree joints.  Then the pipes, which I haven't timed yet.

I need to think this through a bit more.  Even if I get past the week it will take to print, I still have to face the fact it will not feel real.  I am attracted to it by the sadness and the feel in my hand.  I know it will be a heavy piece with substance and presence.  The 3D print will probably look okay but presence it will not have.  Maybe I can make it a static display and fill it with plaster body filler for weight.

Thinking, thinking.



  1. Kerry31/01/2021

    Your diaries are very good to read by anyone who is also caught in the world pandemic and having daily habits upset. Yes, it is a terrible time. Your 3-D printing experiments and successes are amazing!

  2. Foxy Kerry02/02/2021

    So…..did it happen? Printed lamp man? Where is it?

  3. Laurel+Freeland09/03/2021

    Tip shop


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