My New Year

I got a tomato plant

The thoughtful bikey chick neighbour gave me two small tomato plants.  On New Years eve I visited Bunnings and bought some tomato potting mix, a big pot and a punnet of mixed lettuces.  Sorted!

Remember Xmas Day?  I talked with my grandson about printing a game figure for him.  He and his dad worked out how to extract the figure and emailed it to me.  It arrived late New Years Eve afternoon and I was sleeping as usual.  I finally got to the mail about 10:00 pm set about extracting the figure from the HUGE file.  It took about an hour and I set off the 3 hour print.  It was a dismal failure.  I made the figure too small.  The printer could not print the tiny details and the support plastic buried the figure.  Trying to remove the supports I broke off the stand, a leg, an arm and my temper!  I gave up and left the torso encased in waste plastic.  Back to the drawing program.

I reworked the figure and removed the small, thin details that wouldn't be printed.  The printer tries but just leaves bird's nest spaghetti hanging off.  I doubled the size of the figure and made it print on an angle.  This stopped the supports from growing all over it.  It worked.  The pics below show the figure and support plastic, the removed support waste and a series comparing the figure to the drawing.  I am pleased. Great way to pass New Year's Eve.

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