Yeah I know, Facebook is much simpler to negotiate. You get your notification, you click the link and you go straight to the post.  I could duplicate that but it would mean flooding your inbox.  I remember how the repetitive ringing of the incoming mail bell used to annoy the whatsit out of me.  I promised not to do that to my readers.  I also know, for a fact, that some of you don’t read your inbox regularly.  Your life is much too busy and exciting to bother with such trivia.

I am also very aware that I am a miserable, grumpy old man, obviously depressed, with a very negative view of life as we know it.  I think I am quite open about this but I acknowledge that few people want to hear about it.  For this reason I strive to differentiate the two streams of dark and light articles.

  • 1. Timeline is now the full blog list. Every article, both dark and light. Reverse date order i.e. most recent first.
  • 2. Calendar shows the article titles as calendar events. Click an event to go to the article. How to use.
  • 3. Home page links.
    • a. Latest News – recent article updates
    • b. This Month – Current month calendar
    • c. Site title links to the Welcome page (About page).
  • 4. About page links. 4 new buttons.

I sincerely hope these make it easier to navigate my site.  If you have any suggestions for how I can make it easier for you, please leave comments below, or on any other page.

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  1. Kerry28/07/2020

    Dates on the posts would be good for a sense of progression. Agree, not very ‘be here now’.


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