Neodymium magnets

I stumbled upon a very informative Youtube and my mind was blown.

Did you know speakers (big and small) use magnets.  I did but it never occurred to me that earphones had them and they could have other uses.  I watched this Youtube and the clouds opened.  I drove to the storage and dragged out my box of earphones.  Straight back to the workshop, sorry, flat and start gouging them open.  Some of these earphones are 20 years old.  I believe one of them was my original from my first Nokia mobile phone.  I just can’t bring myself to add wire and plastic to landfill.  I did not ‘destroy’ all the sets, just enough to satisfy my curiosity.  I now have several metres of thin electrical wire and a dozen tiny neodymium magnets.  Ideal for small modelling connectors.

For those not familiar with them, these magnets are incredibly powerful.  The ones I harvested are approx 6mm by 2mm and two stuck together are near impossible to pull apart.  You can slide them apart but you would be hard pressed to push your finger nail between them.  I am going to use some to hold the back and front of my multipass project together.  (I hope).  If you look at the photo you can see the corpses of earphone sets laying across my desk.  Just left of centre you can see a small silver block of magnets.

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