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I have had the privilege of sharing the lives of two beautiful young ladies for 4 days.

I would love to share the photos of my experience but internet trolls and other bacteria prevent me. It has been 12 months since I last had the pleasure of their company and they have shot up like bean shoots.

Amelia has started her second year of school and thrashed me playing ‘go fish’ and ‘spot it’. She luuuuvs winning. It was a pleasure being beaten at Go Fish. I was blown away by her memory skills. She would definitely be banned from any Casino card game.

Hazel is enjoying kindergarten three days a week and having a great time. Amelia is even more independent than when I last saw her. She is not adverse to a cuddle when it suits her but it is most definitely on her terms. Hazel on the other hand is still ‘Bampas’ girl and I am never short of hugs and cuddles. I am woken each morning by a little body squeezing under the sheet next to me. This morning I had the treasured experience of having her fall asleep in my arms. Mind you that was only after she told me off twice for snoring.

As I said, it has been 12 months since I saw them last and that was on my birthday. Once again I shared my birthday with them and we had a wonderful meal of roast lamb and vegetable followed by a choc ripple cake. Dad is a great chef and the meal was exquisite. The slow roast lamb with a pepper and garlic crispy skin was melt in the mouth. Amelia loved the spicy crispy meat, Hazel not so enamoured. She liked the soft, not spicy, interior flesh. Me, I could have licked my plate clean. After a diet of porridge and strawberry jam, my body screamed with glee at real food going in.

The short time here has driven home how unfit I am. How lazy I have become. I walked with both children to school on the first morning. It hurt! Big time!! Later I gave Hazel a ride, a seesaw, on my legs, seated on the couch. That nearly broke me. I could hardly move after breakfast. I didn’t join the morning walk. Luckily I came at the end of the week and both children are at ‘school’ all day. I had the chance to crash and burn, sleep for several hours. Today, Sunday, I followed them to their favourite water spot. Truly beautiful place, a river in the valley floor. A valley with sheer sides with rocky paths down. I feared for my life the whole way down. The return trip was the ‘easy way’. A nice wide path, road, with flat spots cut in to slow the flood water. Flat spots between the steepest slopes you have ever seen. I don’t know how I made it up. I am gonna have to get off that couch and do some serious walking. Did I mention the valley is in an army training ground? The ‘roads’ are cut for the tanks and truck to traverse.

Saturday was a stay at home day. Apparently the first time in a long time. Thank you Angels. The kids and I spent several hours in their Magic Unicorn project books, solving puzzles and building pop out cardboard models. In the afternoon the ‘wet paint’ came out on the kitchen table and we created magical multi colour images that defied description. Just before bedtime we watched the first half a Harry Potter movie. They love them. Apparently it was the second time in two weeks. Today we watched the second half, the scary half just before bed. Hazel clutched her knees once but Amelia was totally wrapped up in it.

I am having a lovely time. Glad I overcame my reluctance.


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  2. Foxy Kerry28/02/2021

    This sounds like you had a perfect trip… Grandpa needs to get fit before the next time so Sofa Seesaw (which is hard for even the younger, fitter people) might be slightly easier?? Those kids are defo their mothers daughters right? 🤣


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