No fun til Xmas

Well it is almost official.  Stage 4 ish until Xmas unless something miraculous happens.  There is only so much one can do within a five kilometre exercise yard.  It is amusing that the only person I would want to see is 7.7 kilometres away.  My storage unit is 14k away so legally I am not supposed to go there.  The only two social outlets I had are well and truly dead in the water right now and seriously, who can say how long this pandemic is going to hang around.  There is no guarantee we will be let out for close contact pastimes even after Stage 4 is dropped.  Its all very well for intimate partners to have a loop hole, apparently they have  some sort of Covid immunity, but the rest of us who would just like some company are screwed.

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  1. Laurel+Freeland29/11/2020

    Yep that is pretty crap


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