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I keep the Goldwing (motorcycle) in my designated carport spot, in view of my kitchen window.  Rooftop protection but open on all other four sides.  Last year I gave a lovely neighbour $20 a month to use her carport spot for the Chrysler.  I would still like to do it but she is unreliable, looking for alternate accommodation and I can’t afford the $20 anyway.  I rarely used it.  It was handy to have an extra car spot so I could offer it to others.

So the Cruiser spends it’s time by the kerb in front of my unit.  And this has served me well enough.  The driver’s mirror is always folded back and the car has never been damaged.  Not visibly that is.  On the very rare times I go out, I can get in and drive away much easier then exiting the carport spaces.  Love my car but it has a shit turning circle.  Last week, upon returning from a teeny evening trip to the village, I looked in the wing mirror to check my distance from the kerb as I reverse parked.  ‘Funny’, I thought, ‘funny. It’s awfully dark on that side of the car.  Yes it is in the shadow but funny, it is strangely dark.’

Then I thought “Oh fuck!  The mirror’s gone”.  Just like that, quick as a flash I thought it.  Well fuck me, I was right.  I hate being right all the time.  Then, being the mean minded fat old arsehole that I am, I thought “You fucking shits”.

So it has taken me about two weeks and I tracked down a replacement, I hope.  The mirror housing is still on the car.  The foldable and motorized housing.  All “THEY” took was the (heated) mirror and the custom backing plate that clicks into the motor gimbal.  ARSEHOLES!!!!!  I had already found complete units in the USA, different style of course.  Not heated mirrors, not foldable mountings AND I would have to buy the complete housing that fits ‘on and through the door’.   NOT MOTORISED and no guarantee the mirror (and plate) would fit my housing.  $200 AUD is a lot to pay to deliver a complete mount I do not need and that may not house the part I do need.   As I said previously, “Fucken arseholes”.

Yesterday I found an Aussie ebay trader selling the mirror, the silvered glass plate.  $25 is not too much to risk.  ‘I liked it so much, I bought the mirror’.
I doubt any of you are old enough to identify with that iconic, historical, social reference.)

Almost immediately after, I found a non-ebay, Aussie(?) trader claiming to sell the exact replacement parts for my car.  NOT HEATED and with a generic mounting plate.  I spoke to and swapped texts with Tamara (!?), in Qld, most of the day.  Where the hell do these parents get these names from?  I am grateful she wasn’t ‘Gemini’ or ‘Crystal’ or ‘Brook’.  Honestly I don’t think I could have gone through with it.  More’s the pity.  After almost 10 hours of nagging doubts I allowed myself to be lulled into a feeling of security and confidence, “I can do it”, and I bought the DIY kit.

Seriously, I almost immediately regretted it.  $110.  Their web site is shit.  I lost count of the links to nowhere.  I did deep deep deep research into the designers, web hosts and owners of the site.  Shit I hate being right all the time.  The shitty web designers and hosts actually owned the parts supplier, with a different name of course.  A chinese company out of Hong Kong with no such people as ‘the owners, Pat and Helen’ who had such glowing testimonials.  The Facebook page of the parent, owners, is full of shitty references, wrong parts delivered, missing parts NOT delivered.  FUCK! I hate being right after the event.

The worst part of this is I am going to find that once I receive the bits I will learn I could have 3D printed the needed backing plate for the $25 mirror from Ebay. AND I will probably find the mirror is the same one I get in the $110 DIY kit.

Well you reap what you sow.  If you truly believe the world is shit and fucked, then yer gonna get fucked and receive shit.  Therein endeth the lesson children.

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