Not happy Jan!

Too old to be of value to society?  I know you think that.  You know who you are.  You will be pleased to know your judgement is vindicated once again.  I added yet another thing to the list of ‘Tony can’t do’

Tony can’t solder anymore.   Well today I couldn’t.   A fruitless, frustrating day.  I suppose it has been over a decade (and the rest) since I did printed circuit board surgery.  But even so, I am more than disappointed in myself and my efforts today.  Liposuction with a vacuum cleaner.  Face lift with a staple gun.  Back, sack and crack with garden shears.  I am grateful I only killed half an led display bank.  My well intended electronics seemed doomed to fail.  I am trying too much too quickly.  Put it aside Tony and get back to the achievable.  I need a few days of micro circuitry surgery practice on disposable parts before I go back to the micro switch on the pass card.

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