Not the bloody Tardis again.

The more observant among you,  and those who are reading the posts in published order,  will have noticed I now have Blue and Red filament. True Whovians know the Tardis is blue not purple.  After yesterday's all night print,  I now have a spare purple Tardis kit in a plastic box.  I'll get back to that later.  Good for an experimental electronics project.

Today I started the 'Big Blue Tardis' print.  The panels print kicked off at 9:30 am.  It should finish about 8:00 pm.  Can you hear the fan?  That's why the long prints are done in the bathroom.


  1. Foxy Kerry11/12/2020

    Navy blue I think you mean Mr Smith!

    1. The Man11/12/2020

      Bloody Pedants. I know it isn’t Tardis blue but it’s the closest I can get in filaments. Geez!


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